Six Personal Insight of Professional Blogging Summit.

When I saw the post of Ms. Janet Toral about the first Professional Blogging Summit in facebook. I was thrilled of mixed emotion with excitement and fear because that will be my first time to get out and be exposed to fellow bloggers. It will be no ordinary event that I have experienced with professional fellow bloggers on board. By the way I was not able to take note while the speaker delivers their presentations with both camera on my hands taking photos and videos footage always running around shooting different angle. Still my ears are listening intently as they speak of their valued message.

Personal Insight of the Professional Blogging Summit.

1. Bring the best in your network.
2. Form a team of professional to help close a successful transaction.
3. Deliver efficiently no over promises.
4. Give value until they approach you.
5. Consistently write a honest and truthful review or blog.
6. Know your reader and clients.

This event both serves as a challenge to engage professionally with fellow bloggers. Each of one of us should be the living example of what we do with highest ethical standard.

Blogging offer a fresh perspective building your brand in business. It widen the knowledge of the consumer through proper information and viewed personal opinion of the writer or provider. Although the express opinion or personal views of the author should provide balanced and unbiased delivery. Leading the customer or consumer of wise choices. Blogging is now the modern way of connecting with your audience if you are building a business or selling a product and services with the advance platform of online social media it is now convenient connecting.