Muay Thai Ultimate Test XII “Laban ng Kamao”


Muay Thai LogoE-Journey TV is proud to present Muay Thai Ultimate Test “Laban ng Kamao”. This event represent the sportsmanship of every Filipino. Spearheaded by Kru Yai Gerald Bassig the Muay Thai Ultimate Test (MUT) is at its 12th installment kicking off the year with yet another spectacular event to look forward to this coming Sunday January 17, 2016 at the WMF Phil Kamao headquarters 6th floor of the Victory Mall. The upcoming event is a Philippine promotion based category that used to screen fighters sent abroad representing the country in various discipline of fighting sport. It’s main purpose is to bring the best fighter among each challenge.

• Promote awareness and well-being among fighters.
• Respect and sportsmanship.
• Overcoming fear and building friendship.
• Utilize skills and talents to overcome poverty.
• Acknowledge and develop fighter to its best.

Team-768x497Different kickboxing gym are participating in this event among them are Ground and Pound, Strike and Shoot, Sigma, Jumuay Vega, New blood, Team Sarmiento, Tat kun to, Fitness 101, RMF Fight Factory, Real Men Fighter, De Tomas MMA, Phil Kamao Branches in Makati, Valenzuela, Manila and Caloocan, etc.,
An event to remember because it will surely fire up everyone excitement as the clash of fist take place exchange of blow by blow action. Each player is eager to display their ultimate skills and talent inside the ring. Muay Thai Ultimate is very much thankful through the following sponsors. Payantog Sports the official sports equipment of the MUT, Victory Central Mall and Hallo Hallo Mall. Our Media partners Fightnews Asia, Powcast, E-Journey TV and Expose Weekly Newspaper.