JCI Lucena Leaders with A Cause

The Jaycees make available very impressive international opportunities. In this area, the member can derive awareness of what is happening in other cultures, and helps the member to establish a network of professional and business connections throughout the world. The Jaycees offers its members the opportunity to contribute towards world peace, simply by creating goodwill and friendship with their fellow Jaycees from other countries. In brief, the Jaycees provides young people the opportunity to succeed. It offers the challenges that make life more meaningful, worthwhile and personally rewarding.

JCI lucena 2climate changeBusiness opportunities give Junior Chamber the chance to enhance the economics life of the community, by conducting projects to increase business productivity. Economic progress can be achieved by visiting successful companies to learn how they conduct their business, and by inviting successful entrepreneurs to speak at monthly meetings. Junior Chambers can conduct training sessions on how to enhance company operations and promote free enterprises as the best way to achieve economic justice.

climate change 2JCI LucenaHEADQUARTERS: National Headquarters is located at Philippine Jaycees Bldg., 14 Don Alejandro Roces Ave., in Quezon City. The three-storey building houses a Secretariat of seven (7) personnel who provides membership and development services to local chapters and organization members. Chief Administrative Officer is an Executive Director who reports directly to the Secretary General.