E-Journey TV/Consultancy Services – is a comprehensive, integrated internet marketing firm, video online tools campaign solution and Ads Consultancy. Aside from our consultancy services and marketing campaign, we also have an online TV show affiliated with Filmon TV featuring different unique channel. E-Journey TV is dedicated to provide full innovative personalize digital marketing solution to all types of business. By identifying the right and specific approach that caters to their personal needs.


• Promote your product’s visibility in the local marketplace.
• Position your product to enhance its prestige and desirability by online and offline exposure (e.g. TV ads, Email marketing, Static website, and Social media campaigns).
• Ensure long term and sustainable success of the brand by constantly reviewing the results and revising specific strategies like TV campaigns, social media response.
• Facebook/Marketing strategy to boost social media campaign.
• International exposure for internet media streaming.
• Ad campaigns in our blog and fan page with E-Journey TV.
• Written articles about company products.
• Integrated Video Online Tools Campaign.