JCI Lucena Leaders with A Cause

The Jaycees make available very impressive international opportunities. In this area, the member can derive awareness of what is happening in other cultures, and helps the member to establish a network of professional and business connections throughout the world. The Jaycees offers its members the opportunity to contribute towards world peace, simply by creating goodwill…

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Muay Thai Ultimate Test XII “Laban ng Kamao”

  E-Journey TV is proud to present Muay Thai Ultimate Test “Laban ng Kamao”. This event represent the sportsmanship of every Filipino. Spearheaded by Kru Yai Gerald Bassig the Muay Thai Ultimate Test (MUT) is at its 12th installment kicking off the year with yet another spectacular event to look forward to this coming Sunday…

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Six Personal Insight of Professional Blogging Summit.

When I saw the post of Ms. Janet Toral about the first Professional Blogging Summit in facebook. I was thrilled of mixed emotion with excitement and fear because that will be my first time to get out and be exposed to fellow bloggers. It will be no ordinary event that I have experienced with professional…

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